We don’t have a future together. We only have right here, right now.
To the ego, that’s incredibly depressing. But to recognise the utter preciousness of this moment liberates me from the need to possess or control you. In this timelessness, we truly meet.

Jeff Foster (via abiding-in-peace)

  • me flirting: so what's the deal with having to exist as a physical entity
  • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

If you pay any attention to World Star Hip Hop, Vlad TV, Hot 97 or Combat Jack and taking part in these “discussions” your fucking up.  You are playing Checkers with mother fucking system is playing Chess. Fuck World Star, Fuck HOT 97 , Fuck Vlad, and Fuck Combat (at least some of his guests are on point).

These PROGRAMS are the Definition of CULTURE VULTURES trying to distract us from real issues going on in our community. Talking about Macklemore, Iggy Azealia and other topics you hate just gives more energy to that bullshit. Fuck the Bullshit and let’s raise these kids and help our communities.